Commercial shoot

Got to be a race car driver for a commercial this week. I was reminded how important it is to focus while on set. Especially on a commercial set. There are lots of wheels turning (no pun intended) and time is money. So the director and producer were working hard and under stress. As an actor I realized my job was to LISTEN. I was surrounded by 15 extras and it was very easy to forget that I was "working" and want to play around and talk, but I had to keep focused and get the actions completed in a as few takes as possible (again, time is money, the longer I take, the more money it costs them in time/production). I had a choice to make on set, be focused and do my job well, or play around and be considered unprofessional. So I had to stay clear of some conversations while cameras were being re-set in between takes,  but it was worth it because we were able to complete the work and do it well. AND I had some good conversations with extras while on break, too. OH, and one more thing: NEVER EVER disrespect a crew member, especially the director, while on set. There were many people who were rushing around and yelling on set, and a few other actors were heard complaining and talking about it. As actors, it's our job to listen to the director and help get the job done!