Enemy of Mine

One great way to get a film produced is to have a DEADLINE. So many films never get completed and end up staying in post-production limbo but.. when you enter a contest you have some incentive. We had 48hrs to complete a short film and I'm glad to say we did and it turned out awesome. It was for the
http://www.producersguild.org/?Shorts_contest so as soon as the judging happens I'll post a link on Vimeo! Here's a couple shots from the set!

My friend Tammy came to do hair! Theresa, getting her hair done, has been a long time friend on numerous sets and so fun to work together!

 Director -Kerwin Kuniyoshi & Director of Photography-Jerry Yoon storyboarding.
 Set designers-post-apocolyptic space.
 Sun beat and dirty-me