Knife Fight

This week I had a "featured role" in Knife Fight, a filmed directed by Bill Guttentag (who happens to be a professor at Stanford).

A featured Role basically means I'm in a scene interacting with a principal character but no lines and most likely no credit. But hey I was glad to do it as there a lots of great actors in this flick like Rob Lowe, Carrie-Ann Moss, and Julie Bowen--the mom on MODERN FAMILY.

The film deals with the dark side of political operatives.

I got to play a liberal political blogger.
Here I am with actress Jamie Chung. I had never heard of her but she's been in a lot of films, (just in the Hangover part 2 as the main guy Ed Helms' Fiancee). Basically in the scene her character talks to me, a blogger, and I just get to nod my head.

That is Bill the director in the pic above.
The scene was filmed in the Honey Honey (Crepe) cafe in San Francisco.