Mark Holthusen Shoot

Today I got to work with an amazing photographer, Mark Holthusen, who has a crazy creative style. Check out his work.  He's a world renowned shooter, International Photographer of the Year last year, Hasselblad Master this year and he's shooting a series of dime store novel covers. I was super stoked to be a part of some of his portfolio work.

The shoot was produced by Jason Santos (below in plaid) at Left Space Studios in San Francisco. Great space!
For my scene, Mark was recreating some old school Zane Gray type western shots

I got to pose as if I was being shot over a fence. The hat, gun, and fence would be added later and Jason Santos (the guy holding me) would be removed! Ahh the wonders of photoshop!

Here's the image we were recreating.

The ironic thing was just a couple years ago I was in the exact same studio space in western wear for Sony Buzz.