California Tourism Commerical

Hello Squaw Valley--you can't miss these snow pants.

Got to spend a day at beautiful Squaw Valley in Tahoe shooting a California Tourism commercial.
One of the cool parts were the talented athletes that were a part of the commercial: Olympic medalist (and pink-haired hipster, pictured below) Shannon Bahrke, Olympic Gold medalist Julia Mancuso,

and the Jamaican U.S. Ski team member Errol Kerr. Errol was cool and for this picture took me off guard by picking me up.

One of the scenes for the commercial (coming out fall 2010) was a Reggae, dance party with a steel drum band (watch the video below).

And the spinning talents of DJ Alex Merrell. (even though she really didn't spin she just "acted" like she did).

The views were great, the weather was perfect and really the people we got to work with were fun and humble. That's the best thing--when working with talented people to find humility and generosity. I like that. Great day, great place, and great people to work with.