Cayson Designs Photo Shoot

Very thankful to Lynette Cayson, the owner of Cayson designs for booking me for her San Francisco Culinary Fashion show..well, it wasn't quite a fashion show..I just liked the sound of that :) ... It was a print shoot to display designs used by top chefs all around the country. That's Lynette in the picture with me. She's a great person and her stuff will be on her updated website soon.
I must admit when I was done, I was both hungry and desirous of cooking a seven course meal! My wife asked me if I took the pictures with skillets in my hand...not quite. I just stood there and smiled--(it was more about the clothes than me) but I got to shoot in a very creative space: Stevan Nordstrom Productions.

And I got to shoot with San Francisco photographer Sarah Nuernberger.
Click her name above to see her work!
(These photos obviously aren't them :)
I felt a little like a ninja rather than a culinary expert, but hey..I got to take one of the shirts home! It feels good to be on set and in front of the camera. Love it.