All About Alice

I love when stuff works like this. I got a call from a friend who said an actor bailed out of a short film. They needed someone quick and I fit the type. I got a great lead role in a cool little short inspired by the likes of David Lynch and Memento, and I didn't have to audition. Whew! Thankfully SAG was willing to do a quick approval of the project and I found myself on set and in front of the camera.

First day started the shoot at a seedy little hotel, and it definitely was. I had to walk around barefoot and I was afraid of what I might pick up.

Then shot a scene in this bathtub where, of course, they hot water wasn't working. Needless to say I was very cold. Lots of twists in this film...
Shot in my good buddy photographer John Meyer's house--who had a perfect bedroom for one of the scenes. And I worked with fellow Marla Dell Talent actor Beth Bemis.
This short film has some great scenes to act in--car crash, club scene, strangled by an attacker and waking up in a mysterious location with bruise on my head.