Another Trauma...

Today I got to play an EMT in the 80's. Say what? Time for a flashback scene for the NBC show TRAUMA. The same show I did stand in work for in October. Watch this show. I really like it, you can check all the episodes free online, too. Met Taylor Kinney, one of the actors today, in the craft services line of all places, who was really cool and down to earth.
Here I am (actually listening to my grad school lectures), right after I got suited up from wardrobe. Casting told me to come "unshaven" so that they could make me look 80's-ish, possibly like "Miami Vice's Don Johnson. "No joke, they told me that over the phone.
Here's some of the sites that can be seen on set. Lots of blood. It's a show about Trauma, so it's a necessity. (You won't want to miss the identity of this person who gets burned up in a fire).
Another actor walking around with a knife stabbed in his gut. Funny to watch him hunched over his place at lunch.

Then something pretty funny happened. Twice I got singled out from the director about my sideburns and facial hair. I knew these sideburns would come in handy some day. So they shaved them down once, then pretty much off the second time (when I got home my daughter had many questions about my baby face). So much for Miami Vice.

And after we wrapped the director, Jeff Riener, said I should consider going with this look more often it cause I might get more roles as an actor. Wow. Pretty cool tip to get from the director. As much as I love my facial hair, I'm thinking about just shooting some pics (with one of my favorite photographers around), to see what happens. Thanks to Gretchen-the make-up lady (black hat/blonde hair) who literally spent 45 minutes shaving my face, in the freakin cold, while holding my head so my neck wouldn't break! The whole time I was thinking, "I've never had anyone shave my face, for 45 minutes, outside in the freezing cold." Ah, Hollywood! (The life of an extra!).

Wrapped! Clean shaven and ready to save some lives in 1980 and beyond.