Thankful that SF has a new show fully shot up here on location and in Treasure Island studios. (Hasn't been a show in ten years where all production is in SF). Trauma has been shooting up here since February and so far people are saying it is the new "ER." Please support it because it's great for our Bay Area economy and actors! I was a stand-in (for more info on what that is see this post) on Trauma this week. Of course I didn't get to do any acting but it was fun that I got to hang out on set, have some good conversations with fellow aspiring actors, and watch some great movie-like stunts on set.
I also got to hang out and watch the director, Jeff Reiner, in action. It was really cool and then I was talking with this guy behind the cameras (for like a minute) who then tells me he's Dario Scardapane, creator/exec. producer and writer. Dang, that was cool, and he was super friendly. Hear an interview with him here.

I'm praying that some day I'll get to work more on the show (or any show or film for that matter) other than just some extra work and maybe get a line...or two, or five.....someday. Here's for hoping.

Watch Trauma Monday Nights, 9pm, on NBC.