Rehearsal in the park.

Just worked on a student short with the Berkeley Digital Film Institute (BDFI). It was my first time hearing of them and working with them. The student team I worked with did a great job, they were very professional and took their project seriously. I really liked working with them and got hopeful for the talent that is in the Bay Area. I hope we have more great directors and producers who stick around San Francisco and bring some great film work here.

I played something all too close to home for a lot of people right now: someone who lost his job and hasn't been able to find work. He has a "Chance Meeting," with a former co-worker of his who's very stressed and caught up in her deadlines. Their conversation reminds both of them of the pluses and minuses of having a job and how easy it is to be enslaved by a job one minute and lose your job the next minute.

Chance Meeting from Lyniel on Vimeo.