Old Spice

This week I Shot an in store commercial for Old Spice, by Premier Retail Networks (PRN).

My hand plays a "major role." I felt like David Duchovny's hand model character in Zoolander. I had to place the deodorant in and out of the locker and try to "hit my mark," every time. I had to have a manicure with "shiny clear polish," and man, it felt like my hands were glistening (nice word huh?) like some Rainbow Brite doll. I was a little self conscious about the nails, but I guess it's protocol! :) The other hilarious part is that my acting role this time around was playing a basket ball player.

I can barely dribble, but it actually worked great cause my character is supposed to have a locker room ego. I'm bragging like I "had game," (all because of Old Spice). I try to show off by spinning the ball and it flies quickly down to the ground, and I eat crow. It didn't take much to act like that, since I can't spin the ball in real life, anyway. It was perfect.

This Old Spice Ever Clear deodorant ad will be playing nationwide at at Super Walmarts with end cap displays starting May 4th.