Work is good! Two bookings in the same week! Sweet!
Today I shot an industrial for Cisco Eos with Westernized Productions. Marcello (Director) and Brandon (Producer) Grande, their real last name, are Italian brothers and great guys to work with. Had a great day with all cast and crew. Even got to hang with a friend who was also cast on the shoot.

I played a web developer working with new software (Cisco Eos). I got to shoot on a green screen with images and animation being added later in post-production.

Here's a look at the story board for an idea of some of the images to be added later.

Then I got to return to Crescendo Studios where I also was able to reconnect with some people I've met in the past. I was there last year for another recording session
of which you can see I'm wearing the exact same shirt. Nice.
All in all. A great day. Great production. Great people.