Acting is bringing stories to life.

Hipster, young dad, preppy guy, husband, barista, perp, clown, business man, bike messenger, mafia hitman, dance floor maniac, Romeo, apocalyptic survivor, taste tester, MC, surfer dude, drug addict…you name it, I’ve played it. Whatever you are looking for I might be the right guy for the role. Click the RESUME link below for a more extensive list of my credentials, talent, and experience. IMDB here.

I'm also a pastor. Yep!  Weird, right?

As an ordained minister I lead and speak at church services and officiate wedding ceremonies and funerals. I have a Masters of Theology, but in “real life,” (not just on TV), I am a dad of three girls! Not only do I love to tell a great story, because I believe Stories can change the world.

I love to LIVE a great story!

Tony Gapastione: SAG-AFTRA